Passive Fire Protection Specialists


home-PageAs insurance companies and fire engineers clearly state, fires are no longer a calculable risk. Protecting structures, assets and people now all go hand in hand and for FIRE SECURITY SYSTEMS, we take to do the following:

  • Protect the Structure,
  • Which Protects the asset,
  • Which saves the people

FIRE SECURITY SYSTEMS products have been developed to stop fires on electrical cable, electrical cable penetrations and structural Steel. By combining firestopping, fire retarding, and fireproofing materials and methods, this complete system has been engineered to stop a commercial loss from fire and to protect and save.

You will find that FIRE SECURITY SYSTEMS is a highly developed, cost effective solution.

Our Systems include (but are not limited to):

Coating for Electrical cables

modern building 93Intumescent Thin-Film Fireproofing for Structural Steel


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