Fire Security Systems

FSS products have been developed to stop fires on electrical cable, electrical cable penetrations and structural Steel. By combining firestopping, fire retarding and fireproofing materials and methods, this complete system has been engineered to stop a commercial loss from fire and to protect and save. Protecting structures, assets and people now all go hand in hand with FIRE SECURITY SYSTEMS.

You will find that FIRE SECURITY SYSTEMS is a highly developed, cost effective solution. We are providing our Cable Coating and Fireproofing services in USA, Africa, UAE, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Korea, Kenya, Uganda, Baku, Bahrain and Many More Countries.

Steel Fireproofing

As more and more buildings are using steelwork to display visionary designs, the call to fireproof that steel with Intumescent coatings is in high demand. FIRE SECURITY SYSTEMS offer different variations of Thin Film Intumescent Coatings for your Structural Steel needs.

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Electrical Cable Fire Protection

Cable Coating is also one of the most economical and maintenance-free ways to protect cables from fire in electrical equipment, substations, cable galleries, cable spreader, control rooms and other high density cable areas. We offer 2 variations of Cable Coating for the protection of electrical cables.

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Fire Security Systems supplies several Firestopping products dependent on regional applications. We supply the Fire Security Systems Range, specializing in EN and BS476 approvals. Our Systems continue to evolve with the requirements of our customers.

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