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Fire Security Systems has increased our Product Performance Warranty to a full 10 years for all Fire Security Systems’ Products.

Typically, the PFP (Passive Fire Protection) industry offers standard warranties of 1 year based on the manufacturing process only. Rarely do we see Performance Warranties. Some, especially the larger companies who we will not name, give no warranty or guarantee’s at all, they simply state: no guarantee or warranty of any kind expressed or implied.

Thankfully, Fire Security Systems do not categorize themselves as a standard manufacturer. We stand behind the Fire Protection Cable Coatings and firestopping products we manufacture. Wherever in the world the application of FSS Product, you will find a 10 year Product Performance Warranty from Fire Security Systems.

Managing Director of Fire Security Systems states: “Given the amount of rigorous testing our products need to complete, at facilities such as UL, FM, Warrington and others, we are very proud to protect our clients with the products we create, and with that a warranty that will stand the test of time”. It is very important in protecting assets that the facility not only chooses the right product, but the right supplier that protects the needs of the facility, not one that just protects their own interests”.

Of course our incredibly skilled Fire Security Systems’ Contractors and Distributors issue a separate application warranty when required.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your Fire Protection Needs on:

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Our Warranty Against Others!

10 Year Warranty – Fire Security Systems
1 Year Warranty – Other Cable Coating manufactures
1 Year Warranty – Other Firestopping manufactures