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Refer to our downloads page for complete technical information.

Fire Rating
Please refer to technical data sheet.

FS23A Acoustic Intumescent Sealant provides a Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of up to 57dB. Please consult our sales office with details of:

  • Type of construction
  • Required acoustic rating
  • Size of joint

Airtight & Smoke Seal
FS23A Acoustic Intumescent Sealant will provide an airtight and cold smoke seal.

FS23A Acoustic Intumescent Sealant is a high specification, one part water based acrylic sealant, extruded from a cartridge loaded into a standard sealant gun. The depth of the joint will depend on the gap to be filled and the fire rating required (see fire rating).

All surfaces must be thoroughly clean and free of bond breaking contaminants prior to application of the sealant. No priming is required for most construction substrates, however, it is recommended that a small area be tested on substrates.

The sealant should not be applied if the ambient temperature is below 5ºC as adhesion will be impaired. The sealant is fast curing approximately 15 minute tack free time. When fully cured, the sealant is overpaintable. Under fire conditions the sealant forms a fire resistant ash.

FS23A Acoustic Intumescent Sealant is currently available in 310ml cartridges.

The sealant is available in white and grey.

Install FS23A Acoustic Intumescent Sealant to provide up to 4 hours fire protection in all joints up to 30mm in all firewalls. Installation to be fully in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.