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Fire Security Systems welcome Regional Distribution Partners from across the world.

Non-Exclusive Partnership:

As a Distribution Partner, we will supply all technical information, sales and marketing literature (digital only for local printing) and of course product samples. We continuously update our partners with local visits and Webinars, online seminars and training to stay fully connected to your business growth.

Exclusive Partnership:

For Exclusive Distribution of Regions, this can be offered after a probation period of 12-18 months. We take this time to work together within your region and to build the business through your existing partnerships and networks.

Fire Security Systems will continually train staff and customers, support with localized literature and marketing tools to further increase revenue for our Partners.

The simple offset of an “Exclusive Agreement” with Fire Security Systems is that stocks of all products must be held locally (minimum 20ft mixed container). As we are bound to the Partner, and pass all leads to the Partner for the region, the Partner must hold stocks for the region’s local sales. This is our standard policy that is non-negotiable. Exclusive agreement will not be offered on first contact.

To begin the process of becoming a Regional Exclusive Partner, we require the following of the Partner:

  • Full Company Profile
  • Full working Website (Fire Security Systems Information must be added)
  • Website e-mail accounts (Gmail, Hotmail or similar will not be permitted)
  • Sales Staff
  • Warehouse space for stocks (contracted or owned)

Please feel free to send us an e-mail or contact us to discuss your region.

We are providing our Cable Coating and Fireproofing services in USA, Africa, UAE, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Kenya, Uganda, Baku, Bahrain  and Many More Countries.