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FS15 Cable Coating

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With a 1mm DFT (Dry Film Thickness), FS15 Industrial Cable Coating is an FM Approved, water-based, ablative fireproofing material especially developed for the fire protection of grouped or bundled electrical cables and penetration seals. FS15 will also protect the integrity of the cable system for up to 90 minutes under IEC 60331-21 and IEC 60331-23

The main function of our Cable Coating system is to prevent flame propagation and stop loss of integrity along vertical and horizontal cable ways. FS15 Industrial Cable Coating will also delay short circuit for up to 90 minutes, whereby circuit integrity depends on the distance of the cables from fire and the incurred temperature. FS15 Industrial Cable Coating is easily applied by conventional methods such as Fireproofing Spray and brush, as well as by hand (see application data).

How does a fire stopping system using an ablative coating work?

FS15 Industrial Cable Coating protects electrical cables through ablation as opposed to insulation. Energy is consumed or generated to change a material from one condition or state to another.

Processes consuming energy are called “endothermic.” Some materials need large amounts of energy to decompose or break down. A good ablative composition, as used in our fire stopping system, requires a maximum amount of energy to decompose. FS15 Industrial Cable Coating, when exposed to fire, starts to ablate by chemical and physical reactions (for instance: evaporation, chemical cracking, melting). This ablation consumes large amounts of energy (heat) while keeping the cable relatively cool (for a certain length of time, as the process is self-sacrificial).

The non-toxic, non-hazardous vapors generated during the ablative process push oxygen away from the surface, dilute flammable gases preventing them from burning and interrupt the “chain reaction” of the fire chemically. After decomposition of all organic components, a solid structure of inorganic components remains, offering further protection by insulation.

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FS15 Ablative Cable Coating features:

  • Has the lowest DFT (Dry Film Thickness) in the market
  • Cost effective for the facility and the applicator
  • Lasts for the lifetime of the cables
  • Does not derate your electrical cables
  • Is totally weather and water resistant
  • FM Approved
  • Approved to IEC60331-21 and 23 for 90 minute fire rating
  • Approved Class “O” building product
  • Zero Flame Spread, Zero Smoke, Zero Toxicity!

FS15 Ablative Cable Coating prevents flame propagation on cables, thus keeping a cable fire localized to its source, even if some minor damage to the most exposed cables may be sustained.

Chemical Compatibility

FS15 Ablative Cable Coating has been tested for compatibility with many chemicals and has been found to be unaffected by those most frequently found in industrial installations such as diesel fuel, ethylene glycol, fuel oil, lubricating oil, turbine oil and many others.


  • FS15 Ablative Cable Coating is highly flexible (see technical data).

Endurance/ Lifetime

  • FS15 Ablative Cable Coating lasts for the lifetime of cables and extends the lifetime of existing sheaths.

Mechanical Resistance

  • FS15 Ablative Cable Coating is tough enough to sustain physical abuse such as walking on coated cable trays.


  • FS15 Ablative Cable Coating does not affect the current carrying capacity of electrical cables. The FM test and our independent states “no derating required”

Why Does FS15 Ablative Cable Coating Require NO Derating?

  • FS15 Ablative Cable Coating protects electrical cables through ablation and not through insulation. It is dense and thermally conductive during normal cable operating temperatures. Its thermal conductivity is better than that of PVC. The FS15 Ablative Cable Coating increases the circumference (surface) of the cable or cable bundle. The surface area is further increased by the comparative roughness of the coating (radiator effect). This enlarged surface allows more heat to dissipate. The cable temperature, therefore, does not increase.

Human Health Compatibility

  • FS15 Ablative Cable Coating is in no way affecting the human health system, it is non-toxic, solvent-free, halogen-free, phosphate-free, and does not contain asbestos or any other substance identified as being carcinogenic. FS15 Ablative Cable Coating is practically odourless and does not affect the human skin.

Weather and Water Resistance

  • FS15 Ablative Cable Coating is permanent protection under all weather and climate conditions.