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Fire Security offers two variations of cable coating for fire protection of cables as a turnkey solution.

FS15 Ablative Cable Coating

  • Exterior and Interior Cable Coating to stop spread of flame or to Fire Rate cables.

FS11 Intumescent Cable Coating

  • Interior Cable Coating to stop spread of flame or to Fire Rate cables.

Fire Security Systems 
Cable Coating is also one of the most economical and maintenance-free ways to protect cables from fire in electrical equipment, substations, cable galleries, cable spreader, control rooms and other high density cable areas. It is totally reliable because there are no electrical or mechanical activating devices to fail, no human error to be concerned about, no tanks to refill and no periodic maintenance.

Fire Security Systems Cable Coating provides reliable, maintenance free, low cost fire protection that few, if any other, system can match.

Fire Security Systems Cable Coating also protects cable insulation from exposure to fires such as those caused by lube oil or other flammable material that may accumulate around cable trays.

The protection time frame that Fire Security Systems Cable Coating can provide to protect electrical cables from a fire before the insulation begins to deteriorate will depend on the intensity of the flame, type and size of cables, type of insulation and other variables. In the event that a maximum time lapse protection from fire exposure is desired, a heavier coating can be applied to those areas.

Fire Security Systems Cable Coating have been tested and approved not only by FM (FM Global), but by IEC 60331-21 to show that Fire Security Systems Cable Coating can withstand and FIRE RATE Cables for up to 90 minutes at at DFT of 1 mm, the thinnest on the market today.